According to a 1907 Searchlight Bulletin newspaper, there are several stories reported about the naming of our town, but the most popular is the one about Mr. G.F. Colton, while lighting his pipe with a Searchlight brand match (mfg. by the Diamond Match Co.) saw some rocks which contained stringers of gold, staked that claim and named it Searchlight. Another version is that a couple of prospectors, Mr. G.F. Colton and his partner Mr. A.E. Gus Moore, were in the area and one said to the other, “That rock contains gold!” His partner supposedly said, "If there's gold in that rock, you would need a searchlight to find it?" We leave it to you, to take your pick on the naming of Searchlight?


mine cluster

The Searchlight Gold Claim was found on January 4, 1898 by G.F. Colton and A.E. Gus Moore. The claim was recorded on August 12, 1898, in the Searchlight Mining District.





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